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RESIDUAL HAUNTING: Residual haunting is the playback of a past event. The apparition involved is not a spirit. It is the recording of a past event.
How residual haunting does happens when there is no spirit involved?
Sounds and images are captured on a film of special material which has been oxidized.  Similarly, certain buildings materials used for building such as slates, iron, stone, limestone, quartz, etc have properties similar to that of a video filing tape.
        So when something happens in a very high pitched frequency such as rapes, murders, etc, these materials take a recording of them and play them back at times.  As we all know everything is made up of energy and energy cannot be destroyed. So when anything happens, they take account of the energy and release it afterwards.
       In residual haunting there is no spirit involved. The “Tower of London’s ghost of Anne Boleyn” and the “Brown lady” are the best examples of residual haunting in history till date.
INTELLIGENT HAUNTING: Intelligent haunting is caused by spirit who has stayed back and attached itself to the place or thing that was once theirs. This happens when the spirit is very emotionally attached to our earthly plane and has not been able to pass over.
      This often happens with untimely death such as trauma, murders, etc. in which they have some unfinished business in here and become very adamant in passing over without finishing their job or fulfilling their desires.
    It often happens that the spirits retain their attitude as it was when it was in the living realm. Encounters with such haunting can be dangerous and comes with cold spots, strong presence, etc.

1.  In intelligent haunting, the paranormal entity is able to interact or respond and is aware of the present living realm. Interaction is always upon them.
    But in residual haunting, there is no spirit involved. It is just the recordings which are captured due to the emission of high pitched emotions in the form of energy.

2. Intelligent haunting may be dangerous depending on the spirit. But in residual haunting, it is not at all dangerous as there is no spirit involved in it and if it is, it is involved it is unaware of the living realm so they tend not to be affected by your presence.

3. In intelligent hunting, the entity tries to grab your attention by making some noises, by creating cold spots, touching, creating energy fields, etc.
     But in residual haunting, it appears as if the entity does not care if you are present or not.

4.  In intelligent haunting, there are no time intervals. You can anytime get recordings in any intelligent haunting. But in residual haunting, the visual apparition performs the same task no matter how many times you visit and the happenings happen at a very particular time of the day because the recording plays on and on.

5.  In intelligent haunting, apparitions are like cold spots, energy fields, noises. But in residual haunting, apparitions may be auditory (voice of the person), olfactory (smell of the perfume like things which indicate the nature of the apparition trapped and recorded.)
    Another kind of apparition is of strange emotion like one when you go to a certain place, you feel heavy. Though some of them can be present in intelligent haunting but here the entity is not reactive where as in intelligent haunting, they can directly react to you.


Most people associate intelligent haunting as one that has very evil side effects. But in intelligent haunting, the only intention of the entity is to grab the attention in any way it can. So it is mostly associated with:
-      Opening and closing of doors.
-      Moving of things.
-      Turns electronics off and on.
-      Trying to touch you.
-      Makin noises.

 They are often misunderstood but what they exactly want is to grab the attention and make you aware of their presence or some try to get help in order to get to the light.

FREE SPIRITS: Another sector of the vast topic of intelligent haunting is the “free spirits”. All the entities encountered need not be trapped. Some are free to travel realms. They enter our realm at their will and can leave at their own will until n unless they get attached to a certain grievance and attach themselves to the situation. In such situation, they just need to be guided back to the light.
   They sometimes visit their loved ones on occasions to express their emotions.

Some of the reasons which can lead free spirits to enter our realm are:

1. They help us to get over their passing. They do so because they want us to know that they are fine so that we can get get over our grief quickly.

2. They come back to us when we need a way out of a crisis as they are well aware of our conditions.

3. They enter our realm for yet another very important reason. They come to guide lost spirits to their way to light. And sometime, the paranormal investigators or the exorcists invite them to guide the spirit back to their realm.

So basically these are the differences between residual and intelligent haunting. Though the information are very few like a peanut but these are the very basics of residual and intelligent haunting.

                                                                                 -  SIWANGI DASH

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Lost City

Around 360 BC Greek philosopher, Plato wrote about ATLANTIS that vanished suddenly in one night. A total of Two books described the history and its particulars. Athens was the place where the story of Atlantis was written by Plato. 1000yrs ago the story of Atlantis came into existence before Plato described.Plato describes the atlanteans as great engineers and architectures and possessed highly advance military capabilities.There were a total of 10 kingdoms in the Atlantis and the capital city was built on a hill and surrounded by 3 concentric rings of water which were joined by tunnels large enough for a ship to sail through.A huge canal connected the other ring of water to the ocean. Their were amazing buildings complete with hot and cold fountains shared with  halls and stone walls covered with precious metals. Four languages were been spoken all over the kingdoms. He also described Poseidon was the god of the sea. Most people consider greek god in mythological figures but the ancient greek itself denied, they thought they were real.When Poseidon came down from sky, he met a greek women and put something on her stomach and after 9 months she gave birth a baby.Plato says Poseidon put in people minds to worship and serve them.There was a huge temple of Poseidon in the capital city.Poseidon has also mentioned about the Gaint egg and annunaki.The word egg described the cosmic egg.The cosmic egg is the mythological thief found in ancient stories from all over the world.It is used to explain the beginning of life on the earth because many of the ancient believes the god itself sent the cosmic egg and mankind hatched from it.The cosmic egg was 6foot long and Annunaki was arrived on earth 1000 of yrs ago and created the human by crossing his own one DNA with homoerotic. By ancient astronauts theory, they were called gods but they were not gods at all but flash in blood the extraterrestrials.If thats true then Atlantis may not have been a continent but an alien base.There are 3 theories on Atlantis-
1.the most popular theory as to the destruction of Atlantis are exactly what Plato described earthquakes and floods.The flood more than likely attributable to the tidal waves that would have been caused by the earthquakes. 
2-there was a volcano on the island that erupted with such force that the island was buried in molten lava.
3-An asteroid hit the island exerting the destruction power of hundreds of atomic bombs.
If atlantis is a myth then how plato described about the exact measurements (2 stadia, 3 stadia, 5stadia) of the 3 concentric rings.
According to my thoughts, the atlantis was not probably an island because it was wiped out in one day or one night and without any evidence left behind. It may be a flying craft.It could be an UFO that came to earth for few years and went off back.

Gloomy Sunday

v  In February of 1936, Budapest Police were investigating the suicide of a local shoemaker, Joseph Keller. The investigation showed that Keller had left a suicide note in which he quoted the lyrics of a recent popular song. The song was "Gloomy Sunday".
v  The fact that a man chose to quote the lyrics of a little-known song may not seem very strange. However, the fact that over the years, this song has been directly associated with the deaths of over 100 people is quite strange indeed.
v  In New York, a pretty typist gassed herself leaving a request that "Gloomy Sunday" should be played at her funeral. Many claim that broken romances are the true causes of these suicides.

v Perhaps the strongest of all was the case of an errand boy in Rome, who, having heard a beggar humming the tune, parked his cycle, walked over to the beggar, gave him all his money, and then sought his death in the waters beneath a nearby bridge.

v  As the death toll climbed, the B.B.C. felt it necessary to suppress the song, and the U.S. network quickly followed suit. A French station even brought in psychic experts to study the effects of "Gloomy Sunday" but had no effect on the ever climbing death rate.

v  The composer, Rezs┼Ĺ Seress, who in 1933 wrote "Gloomy Sunday’’ couldn’t escape the song's strange effects.

v  When questioned as to just what he had in mind when he wrote the song, Seress replied, "I stand in the midst of this deadly success as an accused man. This fatal fame hurts me. I cried all of the disappointments of my heart into this song, and it seems that others with feelings like mine have found their own hurt in it.’’

These are some cases related to the creepiest song. The facts always remained debated though. It is said you shouldn’t listen to this song when u are depressed as the lyrics and the music are said to enhance or aggravate the depression leading to a suicide.

Many say this is a psychological issue because of the news of death numbers, people got a preset mind that if they hear the song, it will eventually lead to suicide which it did. But be it psychological or paranormal, the death rates due to this song has been the highest in the history and still there’s a ban to this song.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

True story

To this day I find it very difficult to talk about what had happened in my apartment in Alabama. I didn't tell but a few close friends what was going on in my home because I was scared at how others would look at me or judge me. I was most of all scared what else would happen to myself and most importantly my 3 year old son, Austin.
I have always believed in ghosts. The afterlife has been a bit of a fascinating mystery to me. I heard stories growing up from family and friends of things they have heard or seen or experienced themselves. I used to want to experience it myself. I now have a completely different thought about it.
Back in November of 2008 I was finally getting my life back together. As a single mother, and both parents passed when I was only 14, things have been very hard for me. I was able to get an apartment with a H.U.D home in Calera, Alabama. A cute, clean, nice place. It was perfect for me and my growing son. Two bedrooms, one bath and fairly large living room, a small kitchen and a great pantry that was located in the hallway. Mine and my son's rooms were located side by side. I was very comfortable knowing I was right next to my son since he has shared a room with me since he was born. Things were looking so great for us. Great job, Austin was in daycare, great car for commuting. The apartment was like a dream for me.
About late November/early December, I started to notice things in my apartment change. The air was always cold, I was always tired. I thought it was because I was a single mother working so much and with the commute to and from work it tends to be a bit of a drainer.
One night I was sitting in my living room watching cartoons with my son. It was probably about 7 pm when I heard a loud noise come from my bathroom. It sounded like my shower curtain had fallen. I looked at Austin, he was just sitting on the floor watching his cartoons and I knew he hadn't gotten into anything, so I got up and went into the bathroom to see what had happened. When I got into my bathroom I look at the shower curtain and noticed something that kind of startled me. Since I was little I was accustomed to when I get out of the shower I always close the curtains. So when I saw what I had seen I was taken back. Half of my shower curtain was pulled out of the tub and you could see an indent of a little hand embedded in the curtain. I stopped and thought about it over and over again thinking maybe Austin did that earlier and I didn't notice... But I still could not explain the loud sound that I had heard. I decided just to ignore it and continue about my night.
Not a whole lot went on for a while in my house. Winter came and the house was almost always cold. Austin was adapting to our house very well. He was always playing in his room with all his toys. About Feb. 2009 my son was acting out and I had sent him to his room for time out. Within 5 minutes of Austin going into his room I was sitting on my couch and I heard Austin start to scream, crying hysterically out to me. I jumped off the couch and ran to my son's room where he was standing beside his bed and holding the side of his face. I sat on his bed and asked him what was wrong, just then my son Austin pointed over my left shoulder and said, "He hit me, Mom, the boy hit me." I turned my head and there was nothing there, so I said to Austin that there was nothing there. He yelled at me and said, "He's right there, Mom. The boy he hit me." I moved Austin's hand from the side of his face and right were he was holding his hand was a large red mark on my son's face. I was then aware of what I think I was going on in my home.
That night I was still rather shaken up with what had happened to my son so I decided to make him sleep in my room with me. At about 2-3am me and Austin were awoken by a loud punch through the wall coming from his room. I was so frightened at that point, then my son looked at me grabbed my hand and pointed at my bedroom door and said, "There's a man, Mom. There, Mom, the man!" I didn't know what to do or say I just turned on my light and held my son to calm him down until we drifted off to sleep.
Nothing else happened again for some time... Austin started playing by himself more and more often. He would gather toys that would be enough for 2 kids to play with. He would get 2 toy cars and place them in front of himself then get 2 more toy cars and place them across from him. Austin would just sit there and whisper things about his toys or how to play them right. He would always say that he was playing with the boy, I asked him what boy and he would point across from him and say that boy, he likes to play with me and my toys. I assumed Austin had an imaginary friend.
One night after a long week of work I was sitting on my couch and Austin was once again playing on the floor. He suddenly looked up at me and told me the boy he plays with was sitting next to me and told me not to be scared of the boy because he likes me. Austin got up off the floor and came over and whispered to me, "That man scares him, the man, Mom, don't like us." Then Austin just walked back over to the floor and continued to play with his toys.
Things in my home started to get worse from that point on. It was always cold in there. Austin no longer wanted to stay in his room. Austin said the boy was no longer a good boy. Almost every night Austin was waking me up between 2-3 am and crying that the man was at my bedroom door and he was mad. I never saw anything but I could always feel like something was always watching me. Nights I would stay at a friend's place across town, when we would come back home the following night we would walk in and my son would point from the front door, he would point down the hallway and say, "The boy is mad, Mom." I would click on the lights and nothing was there. I felt so uneasy in my own home. Lights started to break, new light bulbs would go out within an hour of putting them in, cold air would surround you, bangs came from Austin's room.
A few months go by and I started to just ignore what was going on in my home. Austin would still warn me if the man was at my door or if the boy was mad or not playing nice to him. So I decided to call a good friend of mine and tell her what was going on in my home. She has done some of her own studying about ghosts and haunting and paranormal things, that's why I decided to turn to her. She told me I should go into every room in my house and demand out loud that they were not welcome there and this is my home and they are to leave. She also instructed me to say that if they have any problems with that to go see her.
So a few nights later after I had built up the courage to do so, I went into every room in my house and said to leave my house they are not welcome there and go see my friend if they wanted to. I decided not to tell my friend when I was doing this simply I was embarrassed and scared and didn't really know what I was doing.
That night I felt rather great. Austin didn't wake up in the middle of the night to tell me about the man, the house felt comfortable again. The next morning I woke up to my phone ringing and ringing. I picked up and it was my friend on the phone, the one that gave me the instructions a few night ago. She was crying on the phone to the point I could not understand her. I calmed her down and asked her what was wrong... She said she had gone to the store and met up with her mother just a little while ago and her mother was driving in the vehicle in-front of her and called up my friend's cell phone and asked her who was that little boy sitting next to her in her van. My friend asked her mother what she was talking about and her mother told her that she was looking in her rear view mirror and that there was a little boy sitting next to her in her van. She looked next to her in the passenger seat and there was nothing there. She hung up on her mother and called me.
That's when I told her I did what she asked me to do last night. She just started to cry and said that I needed to get out of my house, that whatever was in my home was not a friendly thing, but something strong and powerful. She said she was feeling sick and cold, and frightened.
The rest of the day I stayed at a friend's house across town. I had work in the morning so I decided to stay the night. The next day on a Monday I had a great day, work was great, I was full of energy. Nothing that had happen in my house even crossed my mind. I picked up Austin from daycare early since my job let me out a few hours early. The drive home was nice. Bright sunny day, cool breeze, I felt full of energy. Austin also had a great day at daycare.
We pulled up to my apartment and I opened the front door, I was all of a sudden taken over with exhaustion. I felt so tired. I walked over to my couch and sat down and I fell asleep. I remember opening my eyes and seeing Austin sitting on the living room floor and watching cartoons. I felt so tired, it was hard to even lift my head and open my eyes to check on my son. I have never felt tired like that before. I remember laying there thinking I need to get up and take care of my son.
Apparently hours went by and I could see that the sun was gone it was dark and late. I was still drifting in and out of sleep. I started to hear my son talking down towards his room. I could hear him crying and saying no. His voice started to get closer to me. I tried so hard to move but was unable to. I was so tired and I could not figure out why. I was able to crack open my eyes and faintly seen my son standing in the hall pointing up crying saying, "Mom, wake up, Mom move!" I was unable to move at all and still could not open my eyes completely. Austin got closer and closer to me crying harder and louder pointing into the air yelling for me to move, to get up.
I felt Austin by my side and start to climb up on the couch by my head. He shook me crying and yelling for me to move. I just could not. I tried so hard to move. I was so scared and still could not see very well. Austin leaned into my face and screamed at me to MOVE! The next thing I knew I was being pushed into the couch. I felt something heavy just push on my side and push me into the couch. My body started to sink into the middle of the couch and I felt my breath leaving my lungs. The pain was horrible. Austin was screaming and crying for me to move. All of a sudden I was released and I shot up from the couch. Austin was partly standing on the couch crying hysterically. I didn't know what to do. I was so frightened I grabbed my son in my arms and grabbed my keys and bag and left my apartment.
As I got into my car and as I was pulling away I looked at my windows I could see I left the lights on and they just turned off by themselves. I went to my friend's house across town. I felt I could not get there fast enough. Austin was crying in the back seat the whole drive, I was scared, trying not to cry, trying to figure out what had just happened. What was I going to say to my friend for my showing up so late at there house like that? I didn't care, I was just glad to get out of my house and get my son away from there.
It was 2 weeks before I went back to my apartment. The minute I walked in, my son pointed at the hall way and once again said to me, Mom, the boy is mad." That's when I decided it was time to move. A few days later I was packed and moving myself and my son to a friend's house out of state. I hated that I had to start over again, I didn't want to leave my job, but whatever was in my house didn't want me there and was causing my son pain. I just had to get out and try to never look back!
I have been scared to talk about what had happened in that house. I was afraid that by talking about it might bring it back or cause so many more unwanted memories for me and my son. Austin is now a smart 9 year old boy and has no memory of what had happened in that apartment and I hope he never remembers. I was able to get a picture of something in my son's room, and most pictures I have taken in that house you could see things in the back-round of every picture of my son. A friend of mine offered to do an investigation on my apartment but I decided I didn't want to know what was in there or if anything had happened in there. I still to this day don't want to know. The memories are enough for me.
I also now know whatever was at my apartment will always be with me. Nothing bad as it was then, just the little things... Whispers, lights, voices, that strange feeling someone is watching you. Months go by then that sudden reminder... I'm not alone.

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Mind visiting this place???
There is a haunted house in Monterrey, Mexico that locals call La Casa de Aramberri or The House of Aramberri. It has been visited many times by paranormal investigators and they say that the souls of two women who were brutally murdered there can never rest in peace.
Today, House of Aramberri is very dilapidated and neglected, but many years ago, it was the home of the richest families in Monterrey. In 1933, a man lived there with his wife, Florinda and their daughter, Antonieta. Little did the happy family know that the house would soon become the scene of a horrible and vicious crime which was caused by human greed.
One morning, the father of the family went to work, leaving his wife and daughter alone in the house. Soon afterwards, three men broke in and attacked the two women. The burglars thought there was a large chest full of silver coins that was hidden in the house and they demanded to know the location. These men tortured the wife and daughter in the dining room and eventually killed them.
When the bodies were found, they say it was one of the most horrific, bloody and cruel crimes ever seen in the area. The housewife and her daughter had been almost completely decapitated. Their heads were hanging on by a thread. The people of Monterrey were shaken and appalled by the brutal murder.
The police were faced with a very difficult investigation because there was no sign that the front doors had been forced and as there were no witnesses to the crime apart from the family pet.
However, the family pet was a parrot and it proved to be instrumental in capturing the murderers. While the police were examining the house, the pet parrot began screeching in Spanish, “No me mates, Gabriel! No me mates, Gabriel!” which means “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”
They realized that the parrot was repeating the last words of its owner. The police then questioned the father and found out that his nephew’s name was Gabriel. They arrested the nephew and under questioning, he confessed to killing the two women. He told police that he had planned the robbery along with two brothers who owned a nearby butcher’s shop.
The three murderers were arrested by the police who gave them a special brand of justice that was sometimes applied in Mexico many years ago. They called it the “The Law of Flight” or “The Law of Escape”. The police drove the three criminals out into the desert, then allowed them to escape and shot them in the back as they fled. Their bodies were transported back to Monterrey and put on display so that all the people in the area could see.
Ever since that time, this Monterrey house has been plagued by many supernatural events. Many people reported seeing the ghosts of the two murdered women lurking in the dining room. Others said that, at night, they could often hear the terrible cries of the mother and daughter pleading with their murderers and screaming, “Don’t kill me, Gabriel! Don’t kill me, Gabriel!”
The main bedroom of the house contains a portrait of the mother and they say that her face changes and becomes completely disfigured. According to witnesses, a terrible tension can be felt in the house and, until you leave, you will be followed by the strong smell of sulfur.
According to the legend, those who have heard the screams of the two unfortunate women who lost their lives in this place, say that their souls will never rest in peace.
The story of the House of Aramberri has become famous throughout Mexico over the years and recently, the case got even more attention when a couple of reporters visited the house. They were looking for evidence of a haunting and when they left, the reporters were involved in a serious car accident. When recordings they had made were later reviewed, they could clearly hear distant cries and hollow moans on the tape.
The house had to be closed to the public because teenagers would often break in and trespass, hoping to witness some supernatural event. The authorities erected a big wire fence across the front of the house, but the interior is still visible from the street. Locals say that if you walk past the house at night, you can hear the cries of the souls who are in pain, and sometimes, if you look in the windows, you can catch a glimpse of the shadowy figures of the ghostly tenants who may never leave.

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