Saturday, 8 March 2014

Out-Of-Body Apparitions

The strange occurrences of out-of-body apparitions are when people report seeing the ghost of someone whom is still alive & could not have been nearby at the time of the sighting. These apparitions appear in very much the same form as a regular ghost. They can be solid or transparent, acting similar to the real person. The person whose ghost was seen is not dying or for that matter is not even sick. They are perfectly healthy individuals who say they remember everything about their out-of-body experience & give details that can be verified. Some people claim to be able to induce the experience at will, a kind of spirit jumping. Because these apparitions can appear to people that may not know the individual in real life the apparition may be mistaken for a more traditional ghost. It is said that if the living soul stays out-of-body too long then the body will die & the soul will be left a wandering ghost. 

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